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Articles - PC - CoD 4 CiC7: Our view

08/03/2010 - T-eam (Comments: 0)

Crossfire Intel Challenge 7 has finally finished after a fantastic weekend of battling it out in this year’s biggest Call of Duty 4 LAN event. 46 teams split into 8 groups of 6 teams in each played their way through the tournament which only 16 teams made it through the group stages, including our COD4 team.

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Articles - PC - PES PES 2010 on PS3

30/10/2009 - emostar_synR (Comments: 2)
FIFA 10 has set the bar very high, but the PES community can show how much they love their game starting today.


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Articles - PC - CoD 4 Lucky to be back!

25/10/2009 - T-eam (Comments: 2)
Three days ago, it was rumoured that out Call of Duty 4 team had left the organisation. These rumours were of course true and news spread across the internet. This came with a shock to the community, but our search didn’t go far.
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