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News - eSuba eSuba had a very successful weekend, it did well both at home and in Europe

04/04/2016 - Pospi (Comments: 0)

Last weekend of March was very demanding for the whole eSuba team. For the first time in our history, we participated in 5 LAN tournaments simultaneously. Moreover, three of them even took place abroad. You couldn’t miss anything if you followed our reports. And if you didn’t you can recap what happened with us.

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News - eSuba Restik: Our main goal is to train hard

03/04/2016 - Pospi (Comments: 0)

In January, we have welcomed in our ranks the Heroes of the Storm section – five players in a relatively young e-sport title. Now it’s the time to look behind the scenes of the eSuba.INTEL team, to see what is new and to find something out about the newest MOBA game in the field of electronic sports. And for this reason we bring you an interview with Ondřej „Restik“ Bortlík.

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News - PC - CS: GO eSuba will try to shoot their way to RGN Pro Series II

01/04/2016 - Pospi (Comments: 0)

After experiences like the successful Razer Rising Stars qualification or less succesfull qualification tournament to DH Malmö, the five eSuba players are going to fight the best European teams again. This time in the second, larger RGN Pro Series league.

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News - PC - CS: GO Watch the final eSuba CS:GO section game at ICL30

31/03/2016 - Pospi (Comments: 0)

Infinity Csarnok LAN 30 became a gold tournament for our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team. The Czechoslovakian team was not beaten even once in Hungary and therefore finished in a beautiful first place.  You can watch the final game of ICL on our recording. There is also a small bonus at the end  - victory celebrations.

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News - PC - SC 2 Matador of the StarCraft II scene comes back to eSuba, h34D_hUnT3R is back

22/03/2016 - Pospi (Comments: 0)

Our StarCraft II division is one of the most stable ones in eSuba and only rarely some changes happen in it. However, from time to time they became visible and the line-up changes slightly. Such as it happened today when we welcomed a returnee h34D_hUnT3R.

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News - eSuba HotS eSuba team has a new player. Who is the new carry?

11/03/2016 - Pospi (Comments: 0)

At the beginning of 2016, we have welcomed among us a brand new game section which represents MOBA of Heroes of the Storm. But the complete five-player-team hasn’t stayed together for long. One of the players had to finish for personal reasons and the team had to look for a replacement. 

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News - PC - CS: GO Interview with a new member of eSuba.Ladies - Potato

30/01/2016 - Pospi (Comments: 0)

The first from our series of three interviews with members of eSuba.Ladies is here. Today, we have briefly talked to Simona "Potato" Žilinčíková. As you will find out, she has been playing for quite a lot and now she wants to be successful in our team. Will she manage it? More about our new player is inside the interview. 

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News - PC - CS: GO eSuba conquered GFINITY Premium Cup

21/01/2016 - Pospi (Comments: 0)

Another big success for our CS:GO team. Previous successes in Dinglt tournaments continued also this time on the field of Gfinity organisation where eSuba won one of their Premium Cups. Boys therefore gained valuable scalps and EUR 200 there.

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News - PC - League of Legends Academics are back. Premi surrounded himself with 4 new players

10/01/2016 - Pospi (Comments: 0)

After weeks of attenuation, also our League of Legends academy team is finally coming to life. And it is more promising than ever. At least that is what the captain Ondřej "Premi" Vodička said in the interview. You can read all about it inside and find everything out about all the news about our academics and even the information on the new line-up.

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News - eSuba Comeback after years, DiDa is again a part of eSuba

05/01/2016 - Pospi (Comments: 0)

Virtual soccer has always had its place in eSuba. Almost since the beginning of its competition era, we had for several long years our own gaming section. But in 2011, we had to interrupt our support for some time. It was not a permanent condition, because almost twenty four months later, we decided to go back to the roots. We still keep this trend and we are even getting stronger - DiDa returns to our ranks.

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Blogs - Chosen Payday 2 - Stealth skill tree by Germia #2

03/12/2015 - germia (Comments: 0)

After receiving a lot of messages to share with you my skill trees in Payday 2, I´ve decided to write these three guides into my spending of experience points into skills and show you this way, what i like to play the most. I think you can inspire yourselves with what i did and have a better enjoynment of the game because of it ;)

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News - PC - CS: GO kRAViCkA says goodbye to the Ladies section

25/11/2015 - Pospi (Comments: 0)

She was the part of the eSuba.INTEL for more than five years. But now Eva "kRAViCkA" Urbanová announces her definitive departure from the Ladies section. We won’t see her again neither on stream. She took this step for several reasons. You will find out everything important as well as what Eva said inside. You will also find out what is going to happen to our girl’s section in the future.

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Blogs - Chosen Payday 2 - Sniper skill tree by Germia #1

25/11/2015 - germia (Comments: 0)

After receiving a lot of messages to share with you my skill trees in Payday 2, I´ve decided to write these three guides into my spending of experience points into skills and show you this way, what i like to play the most. I think you can inspire yourselves with what i did and have a better enjoynment of the game because of it ;)

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Blogs - Chosen Women in gaming #1 - Why are there so few of them?

22/11/2015 - germia (Comments: 0)

Several events in recent time has motivated me to write a series of articles dedicated to female players and answer such questions as why there are so few female gamers, why don't they reach to men's performances in gaming, or how should the female and male behave to each other.

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News - PC - CS: GO eSuba robbed the D!ngIT Weekly Cup and brought $1,500

17/11/2015 - Pospi (Comments: 0)

After the bitter defeat in the finals of the Czech Championship, the CS:GO eSuba section fixed the situation at the international online tournament - DingIt TV. Weekly Cup with the prize-pool of 2,000 USD. Although they had to fight from the Loser Bracket and against three other teams from Europe. But after the first defeat they didn’t tremble and got the well-deserved reward.
UPDATE: What the team captain said.

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News - eSuba CS:GO and Hearthstone sections will be in eSuba also in the upcoming year

12/11/2015 - Pospi (Comments: 0)

Shortly after the Czech Championship 2015 in Brno, we came with a very important step which is going to change the functioning of gaming teams in eSuba for some time. The realised change should provide greater stability and thus a promise of even better results.  

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News - eSuba Beautiful weekend for eSuba, our players won over 200.000 CZK

31/10/2015 - Pospi (Comments: 0)

We haven’t had such a successful weekend for a long time. It is mainly because our representatives fought at three locations simultaneously – even twice abroad. You could see us at the French ESWC 2015, Romanian DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015 and ASUS Extreme Gaming III at home where eSuba did really very well.

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News - eSuba Sychry becomes a new member of the Hearthstone section

27/10/2015 - Pospi (Comments: 0)

Our Hearthstone section is getting stronger again. This time it is a very talented player Pavel "Sychry" Sychrovský who is joining our team. Until now he was defending the colour of the Fraternitas team but now it is the time for a change. After consultation with all team members, Sychry becomes the newest player of our organisation. For more information and of course the introduction of Sychry, look inside the news.

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News - PC - League of Legends The end of an era, Baxtrix, Piipous3k and Odstranovac are leaving

27/10/2015 - Pospi (Comments: 0)

Endless chain of changes, instability and uncertainty are over. Our League of Legends team was in a crisis virtually since LanCraft, and we were vainly trying to find a solution which would get it fully OK. Therefore, several changes happened but none of them worked out as we expected it would. The situation naturally led to the worst case scenario which nobody wanted to happen – break-up of the whole section.

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News - PC - League of Legends The never ending story - League of Legends team is changing players again

15/10/2015 - Pospi (Comments: 0)

A vicious circle. That’s what we could call the unceasing chain of changes in our top League of Legends section which changes with strange regularity after almost every major tournament. And the history repeated itself again after the recent LanCraft Ostrava 2015 in July. If you are following us, you already know who left, but it was not the only change that happened.

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News - eSuba eSuba Hearthstone section changes its captain

04/10/2015 - Pospi (Comments: 0)

eSuba Hearthstone section is once again being shaken to its foundation. Although this time it’s more of a symbolic change, it is still quite significant, because the team says goodbye to a great personality and its founder. A completely new era is coming. So who is now going to take the imaginary ruling scepter and will command the entire squad?

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News - PC - League of Legends ESWC 2015 in Paris will not take place again without an eSuba representative

04/10/2015 - Pospi (Comments: 0)

Neither this year’s world championship, the Electronic Sports World Cup 2015, is going to take place without a player from the eSuba.INTEL team. Our representatives have been going to Paris with regularity for a couple of years now and they fight there with the world elite for highly prestigious title. We are glad that it will happen again at the end of October when this festival starts. 

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News - eSuba Faeli: I am glad that I had the opportunity to be in a battle like that

19/09/2015 - Pospi (Comments: 0)

A few days ago, Česká republika Oldřich "Faeli" Mahdal took part in a Hearthstone tournament in Great Britain and he brought home the silver medal from there, which got eSuba a valuable scalp from a foreign event after a long time. That’s why we didn’t wait and asked our silver man what it was like in London. Among other things you will find out what he is going to do with his prize. 

   Full Article

News - PC - CS: GO From a substitute a new fifth player, eSuba finally with five players

10/09/2015 - Pospi (Comments: 0)

Exchange of players in our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team was faster than we expected. The captain Masaryk fulfilled his promise and found a new player very quickly. At the end he decided not to get a completely new player but to fully engage someone who has already been associated with the team for a few weeks. If you follow the team a lot or you have a good memory, you certainly know who he is.  

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News - PC - TMN tween about the won TheNesTM Cup: The whole hit parade of emotions

31/08/2015 - Pospi (Comments: 0)

The driver from the eSuba stable has again showed what he can do. This time Marek "tween" Pacher succeeded at the domestic international INTEL The NesTM Cup and scored another important victory in his career. Of course we did not leave his new triumph unnoticed and asked him a few questions about the tournament which had taken place exactly one week ago.

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News - PC - CS: GO Also the CS: GO section has four players after LanCraft

24/08/2015 - Pospi (Comments: 0)

League of Legends eSuba team is not the only one which got into minor personal problems after LanCraft in Ostrava. Also the captain of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive section,  Tomáš "benq1" Masaryk, has to find a new player for the team – a difficult task indeed. It’s not easy but it shouldn’t take long to fulfil it. 

   Full Article

News - PC - League of Legends Another crisis for the LoL eSuba team, the support is leaving

21/08/2015 - Pospi (Comments: 0)

A never ending story indeed. Unfortunately it becomes a habit and tradition that whenever the League of Legends eSuba team appears on any major tournament, almost always some changes in the line-up follow. It does not even matter if the section wins or not, it’s just inevitable. And it is happening again now after the LanCraft Ostrava 2015 event.

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News - eSuba eSuba celebrates another birthday and prepared a surprise for you

13/08/2015 - Pospi (Comments: 0)

The time flies incredibly fast. A year has passed and 13th August is here again. This date is extremely important for the eSuba club. On this day, eleven years ago, a group of enthusiasts decided to establish a gaming organisation which quickly climbed to the top and is still there so far. We are celebrating another birthday and we have prepared a little surprise for this occasion.

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News - eSuba eSuba brings 72,000 CZK, gold, silver and bronze from LanCraft

26/07/2015 - Pospi (Comments: 0)

The eSuba.INTEL club appeared on another big gaming event in July - LanCraft Ostrava 2015. After the successful expedition to Svitavy, our caravan headed north to Moravia where it tried to be as successful as at ASUS FINALS 8 at the beginning of the month. If you were following our coverage you could not miss how we did. But anyway we have a summary for you where you can find everything out.

   Full Article

News - eSuba DH Valencia: BLOG #2 – Promising Friday and sad Saturday

22/07/2015 - Pospi (Comments: 0)

Here comes the second and final blog summarising all the essentials of the last two days on DreamHack in Valencia. We are going to look again on how successful were the Czech colours and especially the eSuba.INTEL representative - Pokrovac. You already know from our Facebook page for sure how things turned out but we are going to remind you his journey once more. 

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