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About us

Birth of a new Czech multiclan is dated on the 13th August 2004 A.D.

ounder members are:

  • sLic
  • Kursk23
  • Nodlle_____

The prime impuls which gave a birth to the new Czech Call of Duty team on the European scene appeared immediately after stillborn tournament - the Championship of Czech Republic in Ostrava, where the founder members promoted a clan Military Committee. This clan won the 4th place. Because it was the first official Call of Duty tournament on a progamming scene at all, this failure was very hard to bear. It was a time to step further. Four members of the Military Committee clan broke away and founded a new team called eSuba.

At the moment eSuba belongs to the best of Czech progamming multiclans, which they regularly prove in national online and offline competitions. On the basis of exceptional results from the European LAN actions and the most popular online tournaments ClanBase EuroCup or ESL Major Series eSuba belongs among the best European teams ever.

At the moment this team is represented by players in these games:

  • 1201966640189649.gif Call of Duty 4
  • CSGO.gif Counter-Strike: Global Ofensive
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive - Ladies Counter-Strike: Global Ofensive Ladies
  • 1217857101389235.gif Trackmania Nations Forever
  • 1283334177023576.gif StarCraft 2
  • News - PC - League of Legends League of Legends
  • League of Legends - Ladies League of Legends Ladies
  • News - PC - Hearthstone Hearthstone
  • ShootMania Shootmania
  • World of Tanks World of Tanks
  • BF4.gif Battlefield 4
  • FIFA 14 FIFA 14

They are obliged to their informative portal for their exceptionality. That one is the most visited in the Czech Republic and mainly thanks to daily news from the worldwide progamming scene and PC games. A newly running section Flash games is participating on the high attendance of home website, which subserves to the whole games community as an abreaction from everyday life. Their popularity is insured by holding regular one-day cups, so called Night Cups, in which winners are awarded by valuable prizes.

eSuba is also an owner of 2 e-shops - with multiplatform games at and with e-sports clothes at

eSuba - Play With Soul

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